Visitors to Transnistria can spend time in its main city Tiraspol, home to the famous Kvint factory; explore the medieval Tighina fortress; or pay a visit to the Noul Neamt Monastery a few kilometers outside of the city.

  • Tiraspol city center: Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova and the largest city in Transnistria. Visitors can enjoy the city’s tree-filled parks, its main street and square, and many Soviet-era buildings and monuments.
  • KVINT: The factory produces high quality brandy, vodka, and wine. Tours and tastings are possible.
  • Tighina (Bender) Fortress: One of several fortresses used in the 16th century to defend medieval Moldova. Recently it is a base for the Russian 14th army, which has had a presence in Transnistria since 1992.
  • Noul Neamt Monastery: The monastery, founded in 1861, boasts Moldova’s tallest bell tower, an icon museum, and a beautiful monks’ choir. Visitors can also arrange to eat at the monastery with the monks, an experience best arranged by a local tour operator.

Most tour operators offer packages that include Transnistria. Travellers looking for a Transnistria-only excusion could try local tour operator Transnistria-Tour, which offers several themed tours: Soviet, Classic, Brandy, Eco, Art, and Football. Transnistria-Tour can also help to secure press accreditation for journalists.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Visitors can enter Transnistria with minimal formalities at the “border”. Visitors are required to show their passports and complete a short form, in duplicate, and provide it and proper identification to the border guards. Guards check and stamp one copy the entry form, but not the passport, and return both to the visitor. The stamped entry form must be surrendered at the border upon exiting Transnistria. If you plan to stay longer than 24 hours, visitors must register with the local police. Also see Essential Information> Arriving in Moldova.


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