The Metropolitan Cathedral “Nativity of the Lord”, Chisinau

The architectural centerpiece of Chisinau, the Metropolitan Cathedral, was built in 1836 at the initiative of Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, the governor of New Russia and Metropolitan of Bessarabia Gabriel Banulescu-Bodoni. The Cathedral was designed by Avraam Melnikov. It is one of the best examples of Russian architecture in Chisinau. The city’s urban plan that was laid in 1817 was the first to display the Cathedral’s location and its basic architecture in the cruciform plan. 

Considering the importance of the structure, great care was taken for building to appear elegant, regal, and timeless. Known for his many designs across the Russian Empire, Avraam Milnikov was hired to do the job. A master of the neoclassic style of architecture, the Cathedral that stands today boasts an eclectic style, with a combination of Byzantine touched with a hint of Renaissance on a Greek cross, a perfect neoclassic structure. Inside, the cathedral has three altars dedicated to three saints. The cathedral suffered serious damage during World War II and has since undergone several reconstructions. 

Directly in front of the cathedral stands a beautiful belfry built in 1998. It is an exact replica of the original belfry built in 1830 when the Metropolitan Cathedral was built. The original belfry was demolished in the 1960's. It represents an important religious and historic sight. The belfry comprises four levels with a small chapel on the ground level and several bells at the top. 

The Cathedral complex, including the bell tower, and is situated just in the heart of Chisinau – the capital – in front of the main Government building, near Piata Marii Adunari Nationale. 


Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale, Chişinău, Moldova


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Different types of masses on different occasions  as well as special masses on religious holidays

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