The Lake Beleu

Our journey in southern Moldova and the visit to the Lower Prut Reservation.

Today I will tell you about our trip in southern Moldova and the visit to the Lower Prut Reservation.

With such optimism we started the way at Văleni. The road Chisinau-Cahul-Văleni is pretty good. About 200 kilometers driven for 3 hours and a half, with few stops on the way. We went the whole family, and we took the children with us, therefore it was a bit harder to run everything.

The section of road between Leova and Cantemir offers some beautiful landscapes, the Prut in May is especially beautiful. The same after Cahul in the area of the Lake Manta are superb places.

We, as planned, should reach the pension “Mouth of the Oven" in Văleni. Arriving at Văleni, I contacted an employee from the Lower Prut reserve and we started our trip in southern Moldova. the Lower Prut Scientific Reservation is a protected area located in the lower course of the river Prut. Beleu Lake is comprised by a network of lakes which, overall, form a unique ecosystem.

The vegetation is similar to the Danube Delta. On 20 June 2000 it obtained the status of a wetland of international importance "Ramsar Convention" as an element of the structure of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the Lower Danube Euroregion. It proposed the idea to join the Lower Prut reserve Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation. Reservation itself is mostly near Slobozia Mare, where we made a first stop on some steep hills, but up there we saw the lake in all size and beauty. And above there we smelled an odor of corovatică (a flower) and olive tree, fresher than any perfume of this world.

Then we went down to the lake and took a short walk with the boat. Yellow water lilies, larger and smaller frogs, ducks, weeping willow trees accompanied us all the way. Our guide, dn.Lazăr told us the story of each species. There are many species of birds, fish and flowers that are found only in the Lake Beleu.

Next stop was at the Garle, a place where Beleu Lake flows into Prut. Here I stood next to egrets, glossy ibis, swans. Unfortunately we did not catch the time of the pelicans; pelicans come in late May, when water falls into the lake, to catch fish easier. I suppose it is a great event to see with your eyes 5000 pelicans.

Places are beautiful, especially when you find out that many birds and flowers are included in the Red Book and can be seen only in the Lower Prut Reservation or in the Danube Delta in Romania. In total, 193 species of plants grow here, included in the Red Book of Moldova: white lily, Salvinia, elephant drivers.

Within the reserve are found and rare species of mammals: the otter, ermine, and European mink. Over 30 species of fish: carp, crucian carp, bream, orfe, rapacious, roach, salmon, pike. Rare species: the Danube bream, perch-sun starlet.

About this I have found at the Lower Prut Reservation, the fact is that people there are waiting for tourists, investment and changes. They want the world to come to see the places.

So my dear readers organize to the children a lesson of biology / geography at Lake Beleu, and those who are younger can organize a memorable teambuilding in southern Moldova.

For us it was a super busy day, at the end we went to Giurgiuleşti, the most southern town in Moldova, we went to see that portion of the Danube, and the port. We were not allowed to visit the port because supposedly they had to be announced in advance, which we did not know.

And again the views are superb on Prut and Giurgiuleşti. In front is Prut and back are the clay hills (the gold hills – that’s how locals call them) impressively large, such relief in Moldova I saw only here.

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