A day at the family mansion Ralli-Arbore in Dolna

Dolna tells you something? Although the village is like many others in Moldova, forgotten by civilization and lost somewhere in the XIX century, however, is a reason to go in there. The reason is Ralli-Arbore Family Mansion.

Ralli family, a family of noblemen of Greek origin, arrived in Moldova since the eighteenth century, and built this mansion in the early XIX century.

Five surrounding villages belonged to the boyar, and the house in Dolna was actually a holiday home. Boyar ZAmfirachi Ralli had a large family, five boys and three girls who lived in Chisinau during the year, and they spent their holidays in Dolna only at the mansion. Here, in summer, balls and parties were organized by musicians and gypsies.

In 1820 Pushkin met in Chisinau Ion Ralli-Arbore, Zamfirachi's son, they became friends, and the following summer he brought the poet to his father's mansion.

At Dolna, Pushkin met also the gypsy tribe and the beautiful gypsy Zamfira. He followed thire traditions and customs for 2 months of summer, and later he wrote the poem The Gypsies.

After World War I the mansion remained to the village. At first there was a library, then a musical school, only in 70’s was opened the museum that we have until today, with slight modifications, they changed the doors and windows, they restored the roof and also the porch.

Now functions as a subsidiary of the Pushkin Museum in Chisinau. Although the family Ralli-Arbore has a much richer history than just the merit to be the host of the Russian poet.

The museum has two levels, for public are opened the upstairs rooms, 15 in number.

All rooms are decorated with furniture from the XIX century brought from various museums of the former USSR. Exhibits are not family belongings, only a few letters exposed belong namely to Ralli family

All exhibits are beautiful, especially the dining room and the oriental. And from the ladies room I heard the melody of a music dating from 1816. Also piano is from 1808. Moreover I said all the exhibits are from XVIII and XIX centuries and arranged nice and tasteful.

How you get there?

From Chisinau then the direction to Străşeni, then to Nisporeni , pass Vorniceni , Lozova and soon you will see the indicator of village Dolna.

The House - Museum is nearby the entrance to the village, unfortunately, you will not find the indicator, but you will realize which one is it after beautifully landscaped yard and garden.


And at the end a curiosity, in Madrid, in the Park Fuente del Berro in 1981 was installed the statue of Pushkin, which is 100% copy  of the one from Dolna (1972), of both were made by the author Oleg Komov.

And if we are in chapter curiosities, learn that Zamfirachi Ralli-Arbore had a son, Zamfir Arbore, Romanian writer and journalist. This in his turn is father of Nina Ralli-Arbore. Nina Arbore was a known Romanian painter. She made specialized studies in Paris in workshop school of Henri Matisse.

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