Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga, born on March 1, 1937 in village Mocra, today district Ribnita, is a famous Moldovan compositor who was elected as a titular member of the Academy of Sciences. After he ending the school he was admitted to the School of Music “Stefan Neaga” in Chisinau. Then cmes the College of Music at the cello, and his professor was Pablo Baccini.He attracted the musician to as a cellist at Radio Orchestra on his student days.

After being paralyzed on his left hand, Doga understood that he cannot return to the cello, focusing more on the composition. The first piece of his own composition, "Floare dalba de livada", Eugen Doga wrote for his colleague Maria Bieșu just in one day. After that  all the music written by Doga, was not written on sketches, but  directly on original. 

The area where it is stated with force and brings him international notoriety is compositional art. His official debut as a composer  was in 1963 with a string quartet. He is the author of valuable works in the genre of music, film and stage. In addition to his concern for cinema, is the author of several original compositions.

Eugen Doga works in film music and became one of the most renowned composers of cinema and TV films in Soviet and post-Soviet space.

The remarkable waltz from the movie "My sweet and tender beast" was written by Eugen Doga within 10 minutes at 11 pm and later became legendary. Eugen Doga was friend and fellow with the poet Grigore Vieru, with which created the most beautiful works.

Politically, Eugen Doga was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1976. He was elected as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR people, then as a member of the first Parliament of Moldova.

In recognition of his merits in the field of composers, Eugen Doga was awarded the highest state awards of the Republic of Moldova and the USSR, including the titles of Honored Master of Art in Moldova, People's Artist of MSSR, and People’s Artist of the USSR.

On 26 August 2008 Eugen Doga was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Moldova in 2008 and the title "Laureate of the State Prize" in 2008 for outstanding contribution to the development of national and world musical art.

Today, the composer is forced to commute Chisinau-Moscow, where he writes music for films and has magnificent performances. Eugen Doga is a man who likes work, movement and action, a man who spends most of the time in front of the piano. The composer lives more isolated, loves the truth and always says what he thinks without fear or dirty words. Eugen Doga is a true art man who devoted himself entirely to music. 

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