Legends about the Eve Night of St. Andrew. How girls find out who is the one and only

About the night before St. Andrew is believed to be enchanted and - as in all magical nights of the year - the sky opens, the animals speak, and spirits of the dead return home, ghosts wander and gather in groups, witches have unstoppable powers. On the night of the eve of St. Andrew 29 to 30 November, especially in villages, strange rituals are still practiced in the belief that such protection can easily find the protection for all evils, can find the welfare and even love. Most rituals of night St. Andrew are dedicated to attracting love.

- For example, by hiding under the pillow a holy basil thread, it is believed that the girl can see in her dream the image of her "fate".

- The girl that is ready to get married is preparing “Andrew’s cake” , a thin wheat cake, very salted , that they eat before sleep. The boy who came in the dream to bring them water to quench her thirst would ask her to be his wife during this year.

- The evil spirits will not have access in homes if the housewives when return in the evening of St. Andrew all jugs and pots upside down.

- On the night of St. Andrew, who wants to find out unraveling mysteries and enigmas of the past must participate in a bizarre ritual in the cemetery. In a bowl with charmed water, they will see what happened.

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