The Legend of the Easter Red Eggs

The custom of coloring the eggs red on Easter is old and it has many legends. One of them would be:

When on the third day after the death of Jesus Christ, women went to incense the grave, they found it empty, with the stone that covered the grave standing near, and an angel appeared and said them that the Savior raised from the dead.  And they went in a hurry to spread the great miracle. One to another the story got further and further.

The ones that already knew what miracle happened, when were stopped by other to tell again the story, they answered:
- Yes, I know he raised, “He truly had raised”!

And when a Christian asked a saleswoman from the clerk of Israel that was on her way to the market to sale some eggs, if she heard about the great miracle, she answered mad and brusquely:
- He will raise when the eggs in my basket will become red.

When she reached the market and opened the basket, how surprised was she when she saw that all of her eggs turned red.
She remembered the word of the believer and she started to believe in the fact that Jesus is alive and started to tell everyone what happened with her.

That’s why the Christians paint their eggs in red on Easter and since then remained the custom from Easter until the ascension to give a juvenile greeting between them with “The Jesus has raised” and “He truly had raised”.


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