Enjoy Moldova

Enjoy Moldova

Day I –Tuesday | Arrival. Chisinau /kishinəu/ – the capital of the Republic of Moldova

15.10 (local time)

Arrival (Chisinau International Airport). Transfer and hotel check-in.


Evening Chisinau - Panoramic City Tour

The capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau is a modern city situated on 7 hills and was mentioned for the first time in 1436. Nowadays this is an European city that deserves to be seen.


Overnight in Chisinau

Day II – Wednesday | The North of Moldova – find out history and a mix of cultures


Breakfast. Departure.


Visiting Soroca Fortress on the border of Nistru river + The hill of the Gypsies

Soroca fortress was built in 1499, on the Nistru river bank. The ruler Stefan cel Mare ordered to build a wooden fortress. Between 1543–1546, while Petru Rares ruled the country, the fortress was completely re-built in stone, and in the shape that we see it today – a perfect circle, the diameter of which is 37,5 m and with 5 bastions situated at equal distance. "The hill of sedentary gypsies" is the gypsy quarter with its eccentric houses.


Lunch in the Lippovan village Pokrovka (Old Russian Believers and Russian cuisine)

A place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature, rest and get acquainted with the ethnical environment of the North of the country, is the boarding house „Pokrovskaia Usadiba”. “Pokrovskaia Usadiba” will serve you traditional Russian cuisine, as well as several specialties of the house, which are very delicious. It is the only place where you can taste an aromatic hot cup of tea made in a real samovar, heated with coal.


Overnight in Soroca


Day III – Thursday | Enigmatic Nistru River


Breakfast. Departure.


Rocky Monastery Saharna

"Sfinta Treime” (Saint Trinity) Monastery of Saharna is very picturesque and is placed in three steps (levels), superimposed one over another. The Nistru River flows nearby, Saharna village stands on its bank. The river on its way forms 22 waterfalls.The monastery is surrounded by hills, partially covered with woods.


Lunch in a guest house on the border of Nistru River

In this boarding house You will enjoy the delicious lunch in national style, the wonderful view on Nistru river and the hospitality of the hosts.


Rocky Monastery Tipova

Tipova Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova. The monastery is spaded in stone on the bunch of Nistru River. The monastic complex portrays an image of an impressive museum.


overnight in the guest house (max 20 pers)


Day IV – Friday | Searching for civilizations and believs


Breakfast. Departure.


Visiting Old Orhei Open Museum + lunch in the guest house

Old Orhei is a museum complex that presents the remnants of different civilizations established between Nistru and Prut rivers. This is a cave complex comprising caves, grottos, churches, and hermitages. The open air museum represents a true natural fortress, inhabited since ancient times.

At the guest house You will enjoy the traditional Moldavian food like: chicken zeama, mamaliga, a large variety of pies cooked by the hosts and drink their home-made wine.


Chateau Vartely Winery (package Chateau Recommends Ice wine – tasting 6 wines)

"Chateau Vartely" –is a young but ambitious, in the good meaning of the word, wine making company, placed directly in the Orhean region, where up to now live rich national traditions of cultivation and producing of the  "beverage of the Gods" - wine.


Overnight in Orhei


Day V – Saturday | Remnants of the USSR


Breakfast. Departure.


Tighina Fortress

The first documentary mention of “Tighina Fortress” was in 1408. In the reign of Petru Rares the fortress was rebuilt in stone. Its walls have survived to the present and offer an example of classic Moldavian defensive construction. In 1538 Tighina was conquered by the Turkish Empire and re-named Bender.


City Tour Tiraspol+lunch in Ukrainian style

Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova and is the capital and administrative centre of the, de facto, independent Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). Tiraspol was founded by the Russian general Alexander Suvorov in 1792 The city celebrates its anniversary every year on October 14th .


Chitcani Monastery

The monastic complex rises grandly to the sky, being seen from the distance by the people coming near the village of Chitcani. There are four churches on the territory of the monastery. A real pearl of the monastery is the bell tower.


Overnight in Tiraspol

Day VI – Sunday | Gagauzian region


Breakfast. Departure.


Comrat City Tour (History Museum)+lunch in national Gagauz style

Comrat is situated in the southern zone of Moldova. It is known for production of red wines and muscats. During the city tour the tourists will vizit the central Cathedral, the Historical and Ethnography Museum, and the Turkish Library.


Ethnographic Museum in Besalma Village

In Besalma village there is a valuable museum of history and ethnography featuring the unique Orthodox people of Turkish-Gagauzian origin. In 1966 the writer D. Cara-Ciobanu founded a museum in Besalma of the culture of the Gagauzian population.

Optional: folkloric performance, 3 short movies about Gagauz nation


Check-in and accommodation in Comrat


Day VII – Monday | Wine, history, resort


Breakfast. Departure.


Milestii Mici Winery (package Taranesc – tasting 7 wines, lunch)

The Quality Wines Industrial Complex “Milestii Mici” has taken its worthy place within the tourist program of the state. Having its particular glamour, this natural wine deposit is the largest in the world.


National History Museum

The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova takes an important place among museum institutions of the Republic of Moldova, in terms of both its collections and scientific prestige. The Museum was established in December 21, 1983

Today the National Museum of Archaeology and History of Moldova owns 322,172 items, the diversity of which covers the history of Moldova over the centuries, from prehistoric times to the present, telling about the land, facts, events, and outstanding people.

Free time

Shopping (souvenir shop, comercial centers, central fair). Take your time for photos.

We reccomend You to taste our candy Bucuria and take some souvenir bottle of good wine.


Overnight in Chisinau


Day VIII -Tuesday | Farewell to Chisinau

8.00 – 9.00

Breakfast. Check-out.


Cricova Winery (package Professional – tasting 4 wines)

The Integrated Factory “Cricova” is a true pearl of Moldavian wine-making. Today Cricova is an underground town. You will convince yourself while driving along the streets and boulevards with wine names Cabernet, Feteasca, Pinot, Aligote…


Transfer to the airport.

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    Chisinau - Soroca - Monastery Saharna - Old Orhei - Chateau Vartely Winery - Tiraspol - Comrat - Milestii Mici Winery
  • Duration:

    8 days
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    • Transport
    • Guide services
    • Accommodation 3* hotel
    • Wine packages
    • Lunch at the guest house
    • Entrance fee
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