Valentina Vidrașcu

Valentina Vidraşcu was born in Transnistria. She had a very happy childhood there. Her parents were from Bessarabia, in the village Old Molovata, but she had to leave Transnistria and went to Corjova. She grew up in her mother’s nostalgia for Bessarabia.

Since 1999, when she launched her first collection inspired by the traditional Romanian costume, Valentina Vidrașcu continued creating reverently collections that leverages national port and its symbols, giving a new identity of clothing items like “ia” (the Moldavian traditional blouse), skirts, Bundle, girdle. Her collections intertwine in the meticulous fabric, the technique and the rigor with respect for the value of traditional costume. Valentina creates beautiful folk-inspired clothing and her stylized traditional blouses conquered the beauty lovers.

In all there year, the Bessarabian designer preserved to create also stylized dresses, offering to all of beauty lovers products which breathes authenticity and refined modernity. The creations of Valentina Vidraşcu keep the tradition, being handmade and only from natural materials, but add a modern tone to classic traditional blouse through the imaginative use of precious materials such as lace, silk, velvet etc.

"It was created and refined for centuries by the artistic sense of the village Romanian girl. I wish that every Moldovan to have in her wardrobe a traditional blouse, not only as a form of belonging to the Moldovan tradition and space, but also as an element of authenticity and original contemporary landscape. "

"Everyone should have in her wardrobe a “ie” (the traditional blouse) . It's a piece of cult! "

— Valentina Vidrașcu

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